Snoop Plus. More personal. More proactive.

Supercharge managing your money with our subscription service, Snoop Plus. Feel in complete control with unlimited categories, spending alerts, refund tracking, custom reports and much more…

(Snoop Plus features are currently only available on the mobile app.)

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Summary of Snoops features

Snoop Snoop Plus

What’s on offer?

Free £4.99
Snoop’s got some major money-saving skills ready to be put to work on the bank accounts you connect. (Forever!) Per month
(£39.99 billed annually)
View all your money in one place Snoop Snoop Plus
See all your bank accounts in one app Tick Tick
Daily balance updates Tick Tick
Automatic spending categorisation Tick Tick
Create unlimited custom spending categories Cross Tick
Add accounts manually Cross Tick
Track your total net worth Cross Tick
Export transaction data Cross Tick
Spending analysis and budgeting Snoop Snoop Plus
Monthly & all time spend analysis Tick Tick
View spending by merchant or category Tick Tick
Weekly spending report Tick Tick
Set and track budget for monthly spending Tick Tick
Set and track budgets for category spending Tick Tick
Track spending from payday to payday Cross Tick
Create unlimited custom spending reports Cross Tick
Create unlimited spending alerts Cross Tick
Create unlimited refund alerts Cross Tick
Manage your bills and subscriptions Snoop Snoop Plus
Regular payment and subscription tracking Tick Tick
Weekly reminder of upcoming bills Tick Tick
Contract renewal reminders Tick Tick
Exclusive product switching deals Tick Tick
Track your bills by pay cycle Cross Tick
Money-saving suggestions (Snoops) Snoop Snoop Plus
Daily personalised money-saving suggestions Tick Tick
Get exclusive deals with our partners Tick Tick
Money insights and guidance Tick Tick

Upgrade anytime in the app

Look out for the Snoop Plus flag in the app to upgrade…

Then choose if you’d like to pay monthly or annually and just like that, your new features will be unlocked. What’s more, if you don’t love Snoop Plus you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Snoop Plus exclusive features

Here's more on the extra help Snoop Plus offers…

Spending alerts

Set spending limits and Snoop will alert you if you spend more or more often than you wanted to.

Track from payday to payday

Sync the info and analysis in Snoop to a pay cycle of your choice, not just calendar month.

Refund alerts

Track a refund you’re expecting and Snoop will let you know if it does or doesn’t arrive.

Filter spending analysis

See where you’ve spent (places and categories) filtered for one account or a combination.

Unlimited custom categories

Track your spending in the way that makes sense to you with unlimited custom categories.

Add accounts manually

If you have money outside Snoop that you want to see in the app, just add the info.

Net worth icon for feature summary

Net worth

Keep track of your total net worth – with the accounts you’ve connected or added to Snoop.

Custom spending reports

Create spending reports customised by account or date so you can see exactly where your money’s going.

Export transaction data

Export all your transaction data as a CSV file to do your own analysis using tools like Excel or Numbers.