Changes to Snoop Terms and Privacy Policy – effective from 29 March 2024

We’re making some changes to our Terms and Privacy Policy to allow for changes we’ve made to the Snoop service and how it operates, including our new Credit Score service which is coming soon.

Read the new Terms here Read the new Privacy Policy here

The new Terms and Privacy Policy will be effective from 29 March 2024. If you don’t want to accept the changes, you’ll need to close your Snoop account before this date. If you choose to register for the Snoop Credit Score service before this date, please be aware that the changes apply from date of registration.

Key changes we’re making to the Terms:

  1. We’re amending the Terms to explain our new, free Credit Score service.
  2. We’re explaining that we may suspend or end your use of Snoop if your account is being accessed from specific locations which we deem a high security risk.

Key changes we’re making to the Privacy Policy:

  1. We’re making some changes to explain how we’ll use the personal information you provide when using our new Credit Score feature. We’ve explained it will be shared with Equifax and may be used to help us improve the relevance of products and services we let you know about.
  2. We’re being clear about how we identify potential customer vulnerability and how we use this information to improve and tailor the service we provide.
  3. We’re explaining how we use your information to provide relevant insights and content in the Snoop apps.
  4. We’re explaining that we may use your personal information to help companies identify the types of consumers they may wish to market to (this won’t result in these companies marketing to you personally).
  5. We’re being clearer about what information we keep for a period after you close your Snoop account, and that this is information is only used to respond to any follow-up customer service queries or complaints
  6. When you haven’t logged in to the apps for a significant period, we’re explaining we’ll close your account and delete all data we hold about you. We’ll always attempt try to notify you first.